Accident Reconstruction

“Accident reconstruction from an unbiased analysis of the facts.”

Whether you are a plaintiff’s attorney, defendant’s attorney, insurance adjuster, or risk manager, you need to know how an accident occurred. We can provide you with an unbiased reconstruction of the accident, so you can choose the appropriate course of action.

Evidence Collection

Good evidence is the foundation of a good reconstruction. If we are involved right away, we can ensure thorough documentation of the evidence. We also can evaluate the value of the evidence as documented by the police or other sources.


Using the laws of physics and sound engineering principles, we reconstruct the accident events and evaluate the statements of the various parties involved.

Diagram & Animations

We can produce state-of-the-art diagrams and 3D animations that make the results of our reconstruction easily understandable.


We are qualified expert witnesses and have provided testimony in numerous depositions and have testified at trial in State and Federal courts.


On-scene response
Evidence documentation
Scene mapping and photography
Vehicle inspection
“Black box” data retrieval
Speed determination
Sight distance analysis
Time/distance analysis
Traffic signal sequence and timing
2D and 3D animation
Expert testimony